A Tax Legislation Update from our 1031 Exchange Expert

Source: Toija Beutler – Beutler Exchange Group, LLC

A tax legislation update from our 1031 Exchange Expert:

On November 9th the Senate Republicans released a conceptual draft of their tax proposal.  It mirrors the House bill – which just passed – preserving 1031 exchanges for real estate.  If the tax legislation passes, 1031 exchanges will still be available.  If it doesn’t, 1031 will still be available.  Very good news for real estate investors!

Both the Senate and House bills repeal exchanges for personal property – equipment, vehicles, aircraft, etc.  However, there are provisions that would permit 100% expensing.  The Republican leadership asserts that 100% expensing eliminates the need of 1031 exchanges for personal property.

Note: The views expressed are solely the opinion of the author.
Image source: Toija Beutler – Beutler Exchange Group, LLC

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