We strive for excellence in our professional and personal lives.

While our firm is committed to creative, attentive and timely service, we recognize the need for balance in life if we are to sustain a high level of practice and constant improvement. We help our team members achieve that balance through a flexible working environment that supports alternative work times and locations with competitive compensation.

With years of experience in applying technology to the practice of law, we are at the forefront of working remotely and paper-free. We did not initially plan it that way, but due to limited resources, we adapted and survived — hopefully an indication of our entrepreneurial spirit. Fortunately, technology improved, we with it, and the market recognized the significant value of this business model.

We favor purpose-driven and adaptable team members, whether new or experienced, who are interested in real estate and construction law where we practice quick document preparation, transactional representation, dispute resolution and litigation.

We seek attorneys, paralegals and support staff who are responsible, organized and nimble that supplement a client centered, multi-disciplinarian approach where respect, trust, and collaboration bind us with like-minded colleagues and clients.

To submit any questions, a curriculum vitae or resume for any of our positions, please email Chris Striebeck at cstriebeck@striebecklaw.com.