Energy, and distributed renewable energy in particular, is one of our most passionate interests because it offers extraordinary possibilities for personal empowerment, true economic development, environmental stewardship and reduced geo-political tension.

Although it is not yet common and even in spite of some recent negative press, renewable energy systems will continue proliferate. We have already had experience with solar PV, solar thermal, wind and geothermal systems not only as part of development and installations teams, but as non-profit consultants and policy advocates - this mix of inter-related professional experiences provides an excellent basis for creative problem solving within a new and quickly evolving industry.

Whether you are planning a renewable energy project or have a utility issue, we can help.  We can either provide representation through the entire process or just assist in the resolution of a specific problem. If an issue is regulatory in nature, we also provide excellent advocacy.

Our renewable energy services typically include consultation in the following:

  • Project planning and development
  • Investment and cash flow analysis
  • Renewable energy incentives
  • Policy advocacy services
  • Zoning and land use representation

If you have a question, please call or email us.  All initial telephone consultations are free and there is no obligation for future services.



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