Asset Protection

Do you have a plan to protect your assets? Are you facing legal action?


Do you strategically plan and manage your risks? Are you in a dispute?


Do you have a team for your project? Are you facing unexpected issues?


Do you desire energy independence? Do you know your projected ROI?

Real Estate

Is the transaction well-documented? Problems with a lender?


Why use our legal services?

Professionalism based upon trust and equity.

Led by a lifelong community resident who earned a Bachelor of Arts (AB), Juris Doctor (JD), Masters in Business Administration (MBA), professional accreditation in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and other professional designations, Striebeck Law is committed to providing comprehensive and cost-effective legal and business solutions through respectful interaction where mutual trust and a shared sense of equity serve as the foundation for successful and enduring professional relationships.

Attentiveness based upon genuine care and systems of procedure.

We manage all cases and projects with mindfulness and systematic organization that is adaptable to your priorities. We will proactively keep you apprised of all aspects of your case in a clear and timely manner. You are also encouraged to contact us as you deem necessary and we will promptly respond.  We recognize that each client has different expectations so we constantly refine our working model to maximize our ability to assure your satisfaction in every regard.

Results plus added value.

We have a tireless work ethic. We love what we do. We enjoy solving problems with an interdisciplinary approach and seeking the highest degree of value in solutions for your particular situation. We want things right for our own satisfaction as well as yours. We press hard to achieve goals of each client, assure the smoothest process, and ultimately deliver more than expected.  Whether that is providing a faster turnaround, more insightful assessment, a reduction in client workload, risk and expense, or conducting a deeper analysis of the case to assure your highest probability of success, we constantly work to achieve your goals and improve the overall quality of our service and your experience.